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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
4:00 pm - Worldwide Euthanasia


My name is Pauly GP and I too share your pro-death view on life. (If I didn't I'd be useless in my current occupation)

Anyway, I have recently started a petition of which might interest all of you:


I hope you can all sign it and help me make my dream come true.

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
11:21 am

I have a new community, following a threaded conversation with Kate about never being able to find the right sizes for clothes because we're small.....


Check it out, and JOIN!

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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
1:53 pm

Ok I had a dream about Ed Gein.We were in a barn and inside it was a street with shops on either side.Towards the end of the street we witnessed a boy being mugged by two guys when the boy refused to give them his money they started beating him.I said to Ed that he should do something,he protested saying he didnt want to hurt anybody.Then one of the guys wrapped the kid up in a flag and thrust the pole through his belly.I started yelling at Ed and called him a pussy.Then the little boy was standing behind me with the 2 guys behind him.He said you cant do it,you wont.One of the guys had a really sharp knife and gave it to me.I took one look at the smug expression on that little bastards face,forced it right into his stomach.He had a look of disbelief on his face and then I started laughing.I said I love the smell of fresh guts in the morning,then slit him all the way up to his shoulders.And his insides became outsides.Then he started making the wound bigger,pulling his chest apart and smiling.Then i realized I was smiling too.....

The End ^_^

current mood: cheerful

(Kill that Bastard)

Monday, February 16th, 2004
1:08 am - New poster

Long have i fantasized about killing this bastard ex boyfriend of mine who hurt me and raped me. Lets call him "Bob". I would plan all my devious actions weeks in advance all down to which brand of striaght pins I would use.
I would call bob up begging him to take me back, knowing hell say yes. Then ill beg him to come over to my house that same night. Its cold and very dark outside,he stands at my door and I see his breath linger in the air.I answer the door wearing a black vinyl skirt and corset. He stands there looking dumb till I take his hand and lead him inside. There are no lights on till we reach my bedroom. To his surprise there are cold metal chains on the bed, a black leather whip on the nightstand, and a gag on the bed post. There is also a knive, box of straight pins, vibrator, can razor blade. I lead him over to the bed and force him to sit. Pulling down his pants i go down on him taking in as much of him as possible till he cums in my mouth.
Then I beg him to let me chain him up and play. I get down on my knees and look the bitch in his azure eyes. He caves in and I chain him in. Getting on top of him I slice my wrist using a knife from the box and drip blood in his mouth. He likes it and commends me. I then take two straight pins and stab one through each of his nipples. He crys out in pain and asks me to stop. I then postition him inside me and start fucking him. He softens his nervous demeanor and begins to enjoy himself. When I take notice to this i then reach for the vibrator. I flip him over and shove it up his ass. He winces and once again begs. I take a razor and cut my tounge and his tounge and start kissing him. When he doesnt realize it, i take the knife and position it ober his wrist. The cold silver blade startles him. I cut his wrist and moan making him really afraid. Fucking him some more I wait until I cum. Soaking him and the sheet I go down on him again. I slit long strips up his penis making him bleed. Then I slice it off cleanly. His screams annoy me, so I gag him, using his penis. I use his hand and shove it inside of me fingering myself as he chokes. I get bored soon so I get up and leave for a minute coming back with bleach. I take the penis out of his bloody mouth and kiss him. Looking him in the eye I say "I love you to pieces, till the death of you..." and pour it down his throat. He starts convulsing so I stab him a few times to finish him off. Taking his body I go to the cematery and find a tomstone I like. I bury all the toys, body parts, and sheets. Walking away I laugh, leaves blow in the wind.

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
7:47 pm - Fire fighters....Gah
raisedbyturtles My adventure Begins...Collapse )

current mood: predatory

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Friday, January 2nd, 2004
11:04 pm
raisedbyturtles Can we kill ourselves?!

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Friday, July 18th, 2003
11:15 pm

You son of a bitch.After all ive done for you.Lets see how funny it is when I hang you above an upsidedown lawnmower you fat bitch.You're just too cool to talk to anybody but when we dont say anything to you you get pissy.How the fuck does that work?It doesnt matter now...thats right scream you filthy wretch.Its not like they can help you...oh please dont act all stoic about it you know you hurt...where the hell is my stun gun?Oh well this power drill will just have to do.Now im looking for obscene agony,so if its just mildly unpleasent do say something...*WHHHHHIIIIIIIIZZZZZ KZZZZT RRZZZZZZZ ZZZ*...oh youre sorry?AWW apoplogy acceptedbut ive already done so much damage itd be mean to let you live like this...*BZZZZZZZZZ KKKKZZZZZZZZZ*...hmmm now i just had that screw driver ah here it is...*SQUICK SQUICK SQUICK KRAK!*...hmmm...this is taking longer than I thought Im gonna go make us some sandwiches and Ill come right back...do you want cheese on yours?

current mood: amused

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
2:04 am

This is just a random idea I had the other night whle swimming with friends. So I guess I'll kill one of them...I'll pick the one I like the most and turn this into something really sick and twisted. I'll call her Ani for now.

Ani and some friends are swimming in the pool late at night with the lights out. Ani swims into the deep end to pee. I lurk unnoticed at the bottom of the dark pool in diving gear. When her legs come into my view I reach out and grab them and pull her down with me. Meanwhile her friends think she's just fucking around. While they laugh I pull out a long sharp blade and slide it across Ani's neck then let her go. About this time her friends realize she's been under too long and get a little worried. That's when they see Ani float back up to the top motionless with a deep red spreading in the water around her. The screaming starts and all exit the pool to run inside and call for help. I take the oppertunity to slip out undetected.

k that's all.

current mood: mischievous

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Saturday, May 10th, 2003
4:49 pm

dont you girls feel lucky to get anyone you want?

i dont fricken like the way that fricken girls get all the guys.. I WANT SOME arghhh...

i just sometimes hate girls!!!!

but sometimes there great..

gah bitchessssss

current mood: crushed

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
4:53 pm - first post here, and i think it might not be that good...
familyjules my anger has been held in a long time towards "natasha", the girl i share my living space with. she is an inconsider bitch and deserves to die.

first, i would wait until its the middle of day so no one would hear her girly little screams. then i would come up behind her and take the balloons leftover from her birthday and tie them around her throat with the strings, shoving one of her sorority shirts into her mouth to shut her the fuck up. then i would take a dull blunt penknife and cut into her throat and take out her larynx so no one would ever have to hear her incredibly annoying voice ever again. then i would take her cell phone that never stops ringing, put it on vibrate and shove it as far up her ass as i can possibly reach. then i will take my trusty penknife and cut into her abdomen and attack her uterus and ovaries to insure that even if she survived, she would never ever have children. her genes do not need to be passed on. that would a crime agaisnt humanity. then i would hack away at her hair and force her eyes open with toothpicks. i would take her incredibly loud hairdryer and blow it on her face until her eyes start to dry out. then i will take some of her smelly ass hairspray and perfume and spray each relentlessly in her eyes until she goes blind. then i will spread a plastic tarp over the floor and take out an axe and cut her ugly shoes off her legs by chopping off her feet. then i will chop up the rest of her body very slowly until she is in little tiny pieces. then i will wrap her up in the tarp and despose of her body, free to live in my room without her annoying bitch ass presence there.

god how i hate her.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
10:04 am

Hi all!

Great idea for a community! Check out axis_of_uglies. Come join us & we'll send our members to you!

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Sunday, April 13th, 2003
5:20 pm - God Speaks again

As the maintainer of this community,I have become increasingly aware of the lack of death occuring under these posts. They are few and far between. We need to step it up and light the killing fields ablaze once again. Do your best people,and I will do mine. Try to recruit new members. Increase awareness towards this community. Enlist a maggot army to rape,pillage,kill,and bleed the masses of their own self-awareness. Make this community the only reality they know. Then kill them. Only you can make it possible. I am starting this community anew by posting ad's for it in the community promo journal starting today. Lets aim for 100. We are at about 40. Go forth maggots. Convince other like yourself to become one with us.

current mood: devious

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
3:26 am - First and probably last post!
burleskgrotesk Okay so.. we're gonna call this bitch "Lily".

I'd tie her up tightly on her bed, cutting off blood circulation on her wrists and ankles. I'd take a razor and slowly chop her eyelids off, so she sees everything I do to her and her "loved" one. I'd pour a pot of boiling water with salt onto her face to wash the blood off.

Then I'd drag her badly beaten boyfriend "Zoel" into the room and take the same razor and slash his skin. I'd bring their dog in and let him eat the chunks of skin and meat off his master's body. I'd take a sledgehammer and take one good swing to his head and watch his brains splatter all over the wall that I hit his head against. All the while she's laying in bed begging me not to hurt him and apologizing for every single time she whored herself to my ex-boyfriend.

I'd go back to "Lily", untie one hand from the bedpost and take a pair of scissors and cut off one finger at a time. I'd eventually stab her in the ovaries with those same scissors. Then I would take a knife.. and carve my name aaaaaaaallllll over her ugly fucking face. I'd laugh everytime she screamed till she got annoying then I'd bite her tongue off and shove it down her pretty little throat.

And lastly.. carve into her chest and rip her heart out with my own barehands and feed it to her dog.

I think both her dog and I would enjoy this very much! =)

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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
4:54 pm - Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to start off by describing the death of a person who angers me most at the moment.
(I shall call this person... Rachael.)

Rachael is sitting on a chair in a room, unaware of where she is. Slowly, I begin to peal the skin off her fingers with a knife, then dip them in vinegar when I'm done. I take a vile of amonia and inject it into her eyes. I then take an axe and cut various parts of her open, then throw hot coals on those parts. I place a coal inside of her mouth as she screams, burning her tongue and mouth cavity. Then, once I see fit, I would pour battery acid on her face. To finish it off, I would cut her head off and dismember her body, then I would place her head on her front door, and throw the rest of her body into various windows of her house.

(Kill that Bastard)

Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
1:38 am - hehe ::evil grin::

ok heres what ima do. ill get mary* and im gonna restrain her in a chair. then ill get the nail clippers. and clip her skin until she bleeds to death. all the while, her eyes are held open so she can get good view of her boyfriend being raped by 2 huge guys. and when she starts to slack up on the painful screaming, ill pour salt into her open wounds. when the guys are through with her boyfriend, ill drain him of his blood, and give his lifeless body to a homeless man to violate as he sees fit.

* mary is not her real name

current mood: evil

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Friday, October 18th, 2002
3:49 pm - I DoNt KnOw?

Im New To Tha Community N This Is My First Post.
I Wrote This Poem Awhile Ago N It Kinda Fits In Here. But Im Sorry If Its Not An Approriate Post. Jus Let Me Know.

I Wish You Would Die
& I Wouldnt Even Cry
I'd Be So Much Happier
If You Were 6 Feet Under
Its Jus To Damn Bad That Wishes Dont Come True
Cause Right Now Id Wish That On You
It Felt Like I Was Goin Thru Hell
When All You Would Do Is Yell
But Hopefully You'll Be There Soon
Its Like You Dint Even Care
All I Could Do Is Cry & Feel Hurt
I Jus Hope You Remember This
When You're Lyin There Still & Cold In Tha Dirt

Hpmh...Its Really Bad I Know, But I Jus Wanted To Post It.

(Kill that Bastard)

Monday, October 14th, 2002
10:08 am - Ya know what I don't need your shit...

I've let this kinda fester all weekend cause I've been busy and not on the computer but now I think it's time to bitch a little. Someone I met through lj has pissed me off for the last time. This person and I became friends, we talk on AIM, I even got a phone call from them a few weeks ago and we talked for almost an hour. Well I asked her about an icon that I wanted that you can get on the new AIM and she told me next time we talk she'd tell me where to find them and when I asked her on AIM she freaked.. This wasn't something major it was a quick answer of go here and click on that box well I IM'ed this person to ask what I'm suppose to do and she yelled at me for not saying hello and that all I care about is this icon I was looking for and then she signed off on me. Now this isn't the first time she's done a 180 in her personality. We got into a small tifft with someone else on Lj and she told me to take him off my friends list and that I shouldn't talk to him and she can't believe I care about this person so I took him off my friends list and ended the friendship and all. Come to find out that she and he are friends now and that she just didn't want me talking to him. What the fuck. Sign on to AIM and get electicuted for being a bitch and backstabbing freak who yells at me like I'm a child and then an hour later is so nice to me. I leave you comments and you snap at me and yell at me. I dont' need your patheticness. I hope your computer blows up and you just happen to be taken with it. You have no friends but the ones you make on the computer, well according to your journal everyone gets mad at you and then no one talks to you anymore. Well here a little information for you: NO ONE WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A JUDGEMENTAL BITCH WHO TELLS PEOPLE OFF AND YELLS AT THEM FOR NO REASON. GO AND GET THAT PERSONALITY IMBALANCE CHECKED OUT!!!

I'd like to create a little cianid (sp) mixture and put it on your keyboard and as you type to all of your so called computer friends the toxic potion absorbs through your fingertips causing your throat to close and you can't breath and you begin to lose consciousness as you try to type HELP to an AIM friend but its too late cause the poison keeps absorbing deeper and deeper into your bloodstream until you fall off your chair onto the floor DEAD!!!

current mood: pissed off

(Kill that Bastard)

Thursday, October 10th, 2002
5:33 pm - God Speaks

ok....this is not a journal to post personal complaints...please post not only a complaint but how you go about killing the culprit please...read the community rules please...

(Kill that Bastard)

4:48 pm - Wow I have some more people to kill...

Alight first I'd like to kill all the LOSERS coming home for High School Homecoming. You stupid fucking people spend four years whining and bitching about HS and how you hate it and want to get the hell out of there and how you'll never come back. BUT then of course there High School Homecoming and you all pack your bags no matter how far away you are, you jump in your cars, on buses and get on planes to come back to high school. You're graduated and you're college young adults now so for that I want to pelt you in the head with footballs until you're unconscious then run you over with the homecoming floats. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU LOSER WANNA GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL IDIOTS.

Then I want to watch my boss choke on pizza while I kill him with forks for treating me like his slave and forcing me to get his lunch and when I say No he slams his door and stops talking to me for the rest of the day. Get off you Old Fashion Italian high horse actually fall off it and die.

(Kill that Bastard)

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