Consistently Inconsistent (familyjules) wrote in murder_me,
Consistently Inconsistent

first post here, and i think it might not be that good...

my anger has been held in a long time towards "natasha", the girl i share my living space with. she is an inconsider bitch and deserves to die.

first, i would wait until its the middle of day so no one would hear her girly little screams. then i would come up behind her and take the balloons leftover from her birthday and tie them around her throat with the strings, shoving one of her sorority shirts into her mouth to shut her the fuck up. then i would take a dull blunt penknife and cut into her throat and take out her larynx so no one would ever have to hear her incredibly annoying voice ever again. then i would take her cell phone that never stops ringing, put it on vibrate and shove it as far up her ass as i can possibly reach. then i will take my trusty penknife and cut into her abdomen and attack her uterus and ovaries to insure that even if she survived, she would never ever have children. her genes do not need to be passed on. that would a crime agaisnt humanity. then i would hack away at her hair and force her eyes open with toothpicks. i would take her incredibly loud hairdryer and blow it on her face until her eyes start to dry out. then i will take some of her smelly ass hairspray and perfume and spray each relentlessly in her eyes until she goes blind. then i will spread a plastic tarp over the floor and take out an axe and cut her ugly shoes off her legs by chopping off her feet. then i will chop up the rest of her body very slowly until she is in little tiny pieces. then i will wrap her up in the tarp and despose of her body, free to live in my room without her annoying bitch ass presence there.

god how i hate her.
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