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This is just a random idea I had the other night whle swimming with friends. So I guess I'll kill one of them...I'll pick the one I like the most and turn this into something really sick and twisted. I'll call her Ani for now.

Ani and some friends are swimming in the pool late at night with the lights out. Ani swims into the deep end to pee. I lurk unnoticed at the bottom of the dark pool in diving gear. When her legs come into my view I reach out and grab them and pull her down with me. Meanwhile her friends think she's just fucking around. While they laugh I pull out a long sharp blade and slide it across Ani's neck then let her go. About this time her friends realize she's been under too long and get a little worried. That's when they see Ani float back up to the top motionless with a deep red spreading in the water around her. The screaming starts and all exit the pool to run inside and call for help. I take the oppertunity to slip out undetected.

k that's all.
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