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You son of a bitch.After all ive done for you.Lets see how funny it is when I hang you above an upsidedown lawnmower you fat bitch.You're just too cool to talk to anybody but when we dont say anything to you you get pissy.How the fuck does that work?It doesnt matter now...thats right scream you filthy wretch.Its not like they can help you...oh please dont act all stoic about it you know you hurt...where the hell is my stun gun?Oh well this power drill will just have to do.Now im looking for obscene agony,so if its just mildly unpleasent do say something...*WHHHHHIIIIIIIIZZZZZ KZZZZT RRZZZZZZZ ZZZ*...oh youre sorry?AWW apoplogy acceptedbut ive already done so much damage itd be mean to let you live like this...*BZZZZZZZZZ KKKKZZZZZZZZZ*...hmmm now i just had that screw driver ah here it is...*SQUICK SQUICK SQUICK KRAK!*...hmmm...this is taking longer than I thought Im gonna go make us some sandwiches and Ill come right you want cheese on yours?
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