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Long have i fantasized about killing this bastard ex boyfriend of mine who hurt me and raped me. Lets call him "Bob". I would plan all my devious actions weeks in advance all down to which brand of striaght pins I would use.
I would call bob up begging him to take me back, knowing hell say yes. Then ill beg him to come over to my house that same night. Its cold and very dark outside,he stands at my door and I see his breath linger in the air.I answer the door wearing a black vinyl skirt and corset. He stands there looking dumb till I take his hand and lead him inside. There are no lights on till we reach my bedroom. To his surprise there are cold metal chains on the bed, a black leather whip on the nightstand, and a gag on the bed post. There is also a knive, box of straight pins, vibrator, can razor blade. I lead him over to the bed and force him to sit. Pulling down his pants i go down on him taking in as much of him as possible till he cums in my mouth.
Then I beg him to let me chain him up and play. I get down on my knees and look the bitch in his azure eyes. He caves in and I chain him in. Getting on top of him I slice my wrist using a knife from the box and drip blood in his mouth. He likes it and commends me. I then take two straight pins and stab one through each of his nipples. He crys out in pain and asks me to stop. I then postition him inside me and start fucking him. He softens his nervous demeanor and begins to enjoy himself. When I take notice to this i then reach for the vibrator. I flip him over and shove it up his ass. He winces and once again begs. I take a razor and cut my tounge and his tounge and start kissing him. When he doesnt realize it, i take the knife and position it ober his wrist. The cold silver blade startles him. I cut his wrist and moan making him really afraid. Fucking him some more I wait until I cum. Soaking him and the sheet I go down on him again. I slit long strips up his penis making him bleed. Then I slice it off cleanly. His screams annoy me, so I gag him, using his penis. I use his hand and shove it inside of me fingering myself as he chokes. I get bored soon so I get up and leave for a minute coming back with bleach. I take the penis out of his bloody mouth and kiss him. Looking him in the eye I say "I love you to pieces, till the death of you..." and pour it down his throat. He starts convulsing so I stab him a few times to finish him off. Taking his body I go to the cematery and find a tomstone I like. I bury all the toys, body parts, and sheets. Walking away I laugh, leaves blow in the wind.
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