*~*Tracy*~* (witchygirl821) wrote in murder_me,

Wow I have some more people to kill...

Alight first I'd like to kill all the LOSERS coming home for High School Homecoming. You stupid fucking people spend four years whining and bitching about HS and how you hate it and want to get the hell out of there and how you'll never come back. BUT then of course there High School Homecoming and you all pack your bags no matter how far away you are, you jump in your cars, on buses and get on planes to come back to high school. You're graduated and you're college young adults now so for that I want to pelt you in the head with footballs until you're unconscious then run you over with the homecoming floats. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU LOSER WANNA GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL IDIOTS.

Then I want to watch my boss choke on pizza while I kill him with forks for treating me like his slave and forcing me to get his lunch and when I say No he slams his door and stops talking to me for the rest of the day. Get off you Old Fashion Italian high horse actually fall off it and die.
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