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Ya know what I don't need your shit...

I've let this kinda fester all weekend cause I've been busy and not on the computer but now I think it's time to bitch a little. Someone I met through lj has pissed me off for the last time. This person and I became friends, we talk on AIM, I even got a phone call from them a few weeks ago and we talked for almost an hour. Well I asked her about an icon that I wanted that you can get on the new AIM and she told me next time we talk she'd tell me where to find them and when I asked her on AIM she freaked.. This wasn't something major it was a quick answer of go here and click on that box well I IM'ed this person to ask what I'm suppose to do and she yelled at me for not saying hello and that all I care about is this icon I was looking for and then she signed off on me. Now this isn't the first time she's done a 180 in her personality. We got into a small tifft with someone else on Lj and she told me to take him off my friends list and that I shouldn't talk to him and she can't believe I care about this person so I took him off my friends list and ended the friendship and all. Come to find out that she and he are friends now and that she just didn't want me talking to him. What the fuck. Sign on to AIM and get electicuted for being a bitch and backstabbing freak who yells at me like I'm a child and then an hour later is so nice to me. I leave you comments and you snap at me and yell at me. I dont' need your patheticness. I hope your computer blows up and you just happen to be taken with it. You have no friends but the ones you make on the computer, well according to your journal everyone gets mad at you and then no one talks to you anymore. Well here a little information for you: NO ONE WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A JUDGEMENTAL BITCH WHO TELLS PEOPLE OFF AND YELLS AT THEM FOR NO REASON. GO AND GET THAT PERSONALITY IMBALANCE CHECKED OUT!!!

I'd like to create a little cianid (sp) mixture and put it on your keyboard and as you type to all of your so called computer friends the toxic potion absorbs through your fingertips causing your throat to close and you can't breath and you begin to lose consciousness as you try to type HELP to an AIM friend but its too late cause the poison keeps absorbing deeper and deeper into your bloodstream until you fall off your chair onto the floor DEAD!!!
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