LøVeLe§§ (apriliciouz) wrote in murder_me,

I DoNt KnOw?

Im New To Tha Community N This Is My First Post.
I Wrote This Poem Awhile Ago N It Kinda Fits In Here. But Im Sorry If Its Not An Approriate Post. Jus Let Me Know.

I Wish You Would Die
& I Wouldnt Even Cry
I'd Be So Much Happier
If You Were 6 Feet Under
Its Jus To Damn Bad That Wishes Dont Come True
Cause Right Now Id Wish That On You
It Felt Like I Was Goin Thru Hell
When All You Would Do Is Yell
But Hopefully You'll Be There Soon
Its Like You Dint Even Care
All I Could Do Is Cry & Feel Hurt
I Jus Hope You Remember This
When You're Lyin There Still & Cold In Tha Dirt

Hpmh...Its Really Bad I Know, But I Jus Wanted To Post It.
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