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murder_me's Journal

Murder Me
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Here's the deal,you come to my community and you do this:

Think of someone you hate,and i mean REALLY hate,(celebrities,parents,teachers,neighbors,significant others,etc.)then in the most vile,disgusting,socially unacceptable,flat out sickest way you can,write a post as to how you would murder them...creativity counts here because at the end of every week i will pass out the "Murder me sick ass bastard award" to the individual who exemplifies all the previous qualities the best...i will post the winner every sunday of every week...

My rules:

#1: You must be a sick bastard to enter this community....since i have chosen to make it public,i exercise the right to ban you if i think you are a creampuff
#2: Dont be a smartass and try to murder me...because since i own this community,i am god here,you cant murder the real god can you?...no you cant,so dont even think about it!
#3: Very Important!!!....you cannot specifically name any live journal user or leave names and address's of people...the LJ abuse team doesnt like that,which resulted in this community being suspended for a while,so what i suggest is this: think and say whatever you want but make up a fake name or moniker and then describe your killing
EXAMPLE: i hate my teacher "mr. asshole" i want to rip his...etc. etc....or a group of people,like,i wanna kill "preps" or "jocks"... you get it?...if i read anything that is specific i will delete it.

Well thats it,so get to it you sick assholes and murder someone already!!

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