Ahora (chewybarf) wrote in murder_me,

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to start off by describing the death of a person who angers me most at the moment.
(I shall call this person... Rachael.)

Rachael is sitting on a chair in a room, unaware of where she is. Slowly, I begin to peal the skin off her fingers with a knife, then dip them in vinegar when I'm done. I take a vile of amonia and inject it into her eyes. I then take an axe and cut various parts of her open, then throw hot coals on those parts. I place a coal inside of her mouth as she screams, burning her tongue and mouth cavity. Then, once I see fit, I would pour battery acid on her face. To finish it off, I would cut her head off and dismember her body, then I would place her head on her front door, and throw the rest of her body into various windows of her house.
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