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First and probably last post!

Okay so.. we're gonna call this bitch "Lily".

I'd tie her up tightly on her bed, cutting off blood circulation on her wrists and ankles. I'd take a razor and slowly chop her eyelids off, so she sees everything I do to her and her "loved" one. I'd pour a pot of boiling water with salt onto her face to wash the blood off.

Then I'd drag her badly beaten boyfriend "Zoel" into the room and take the same razor and slash his skin. I'd bring their dog in and let him eat the chunks of skin and meat off his master's body. I'd take a sledgehammer and take one good swing to his head and watch his brains splatter all over the wall that I hit his head against. All the while she's laying in bed begging me not to hurt him and apologizing for every single time she whored herself to my ex-boyfriend.

I'd go back to "Lily", untie one hand from the bedpost and take a pair of scissors and cut off one finger at a time. I'd eventually stab her in the ovaries with those same scissors. Then I would take a knife.. and carve my name aaaaaaaallllll over her ugly fucking face. I'd laugh everytime she screamed till she got annoying then I'd bite her tongue off and shove it down her pretty little throat.

And lastly.. carve into her chest and rip her heart out with my own barehands and feed it to her dog.

I think both her dog and I would enjoy this very much! =)
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